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Date Night w/ Common Haus (10/15)

Executive Chef – Jonathan Exum

This is one of the times that owning this business really pays off.  Common Haus is a German themed restaurant opening in November, but we get to taste their food before they open.  The last time Jonathan joined us was as the executive chef at Jack Fry’s, but this time the menu is completely something new.  Jonathan is bringing this amazing menu to Millie’s and we are glad to have him back.  And you know it is authentic when I have to use Google to translate the menu he sent.  Don’t worry, I put the translation below.

Bavarian Pretzels w/ Obatzda Cheese,

Schnitzel w/ Schupfnudeln (Pan-Fried Chicken w/ German Potato Noodles)

Birnenkuchen (Pear Cake) w/ Ice Cream & Powdered Sugar


*Price Includes A Bottle Of Wine Per Couple

October 15
6:30 pm - 8:30 pm